Platform advantage

Henan Shua New Energy Matergy Material And Technology Co.Ltd,was established in August 2016 with a registered capital of 201 million yuan and a total investment of 2.98 billion yuan at present. It is a key investment attraction project in Henan Province in 2016. Henan non-ferrous metal processing transformation and upgrading project; Chinese science and technology enterprises; Since the company started construction in August 2016, it has been supported by various parties, bringing together talents from all directions, integrating the advantages of technology, talents, marketing network and equipment manufacturing, realizing the combination of strong strength and complementary advantages, and further lengthening Jiaozuo's aluminum industry chain. At present, the company has 18 sets of advanced equipment casting and rolling mills, 9 sets of 30t smelting furnaces, 18 sets of 20t heat preservation furnaces, one set of high-end cold rolling mills, one set of stretch straightening machines and six sets of 50t return equipment, all of which are advanced high-end equipment in the industry.